• Tuesday April 16,2024
  • 14:21:13
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    China's coal production reached 1.11 billion tonnes in Q1, down 4.1% YoY, the NBS data showed. In Mar alone, the output fell 4.2% to 399.33 Mt.

  • 09:29:49
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    ETT, a leading Mongolian mining company, has clarified that its sales activities are running normally, according to a statement released by the company recently.

  • 08:55:48
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    China exported 25.80 Mt of steel products in Q1 2024, rising 30.7% YoY, according to the latest data released by the GAC. Export value totaled $20.34 bln during the period, down 12.9% YoY.

  • Monday April 15,2024
  • 14:44:24
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    S Korea imported 8.23 Mt of coal in Mar, down 25.74% YoY and 22.09% MoM, customs data showed. The import value reached $1.34 bln in the month, down 40.53% YoY and 12.97% MoM.

  • 09:20:55
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    China imported 1.75 Mt of steel products over Jan-Mar 2024, falling 8.6% YoY, while the import of iron ore and concentrates reached 100 Mt, up 5.5% YoY, showed data from the GAC.

  • 08:55:35
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    Inventory of five major steel products in China's 21 cities decreased 4.8% from late Mar to 13.08 Mt in early Apr (Apr 1-10), which was 7.4% higher than the year-ago level, according to data from the CISA.

  • Friday April 12,2024
  • 17:06:04
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    China imported 41.38 Mt of coal in Mar, up 0.52% YoY and 22.60% MoM, showed data from the General Administration of Customs on April 12.

  • 10:41:47
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    Canada produced 3.32 Mt of coal in Jan, down 22.9% YoY and 21.4% MoM, showed data from Statistics Canada.

  • 08:49:13
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    Coal shipments from Australia's Gladstone port increased 14.7% YoY and 11.1% MoM to 5.60 Mt in Mar 2024, showed data from the Gladstone Ports Corporation.

  • Thursday April 11,2024
  • 15:58:37
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    Erenhot border port in N China's Inner Mongolia, the largest land port between China and Mongolia, has begun 24-hour operation of customs clearance of freight transport from Apr 1, 2024, which will last for six months, state media reported. The port handles over 70% of the daily necessities transported via trucks between these two countries.

  • 14:43:48
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    Coal imports into China's Taiwan were up 23.07% YoY and surged 91.23% MoM to 5.40 Mt in Mar, preliminary customs data showed. The total import value was $927 mln, down 15.9% YoY yet soaring 85.13% MoM.

  • Wednesday April 10,2024
  • 14:22:26
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    Coal exports from three major North Queensland terminals in Australia were 10.57 Mt in Mar, down 6.43% YoY and 4.82% MoM, showed data from North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation.

  • 14:05:54
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    Vietnam imported 5.43 Mt of coal in Mar, rising 46.18% YoY and 30.11% MoM, up to an 8-mth high, preliminary customs data showed.

  • Tuesday April 09,2024
  • 14:00:28
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    India imported 21.64 Mt of coal in Feb, up 13% YoY, of which, non-coking coal imports stood at 13.77 Mt and coking coal intakes were 4.56 Mt, showed data from e-commerce platform mjunction.

  • 09:53:42
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    Coal exports at the Hampton Roads terminals in the state of Virginia of the US amounted to 3.30 mln short tons (2.99 Mt) in Feb, falling 4% MoM yet rising 8% YoY, according to the Virginia Maritime Association estimates.

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